Proactively protecting our earth.

At Pearson Auto Body, we are committed to doing everything possible to preserve the environment. We take our responsibility seriously by recycling cardboard, tires, sheet metal, and aluminum, as well as reconditioning useable bumper covers. We use reconditioned parts on older vehicles when appropriate. Automotive parts have an intended lifecycle, and we believe in doing our part to salvage them for collision repair rather than sending them prematurely to a smelting plant. We also recycle waste solvents on-site, and all excess paint residue and filter media are disposed of in a registered recycler.

By using Axalta's Waterborne Paints with shorter spray and bake times, we reduce the harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released into the air. We blend our colors with a computerized process that mixes by the ounce, significantly minimizing expense and waste. Our high volume and low pressure (HLVP) spray guns provide the maximum transfer of material to the vehicle, which also reduces our carbon footprint. We've just passed an OSHA compliance audit with complete satisfaction! At Pearson Auto Body, we do everything possible within scientific advances to proactively meet environmental standards, and we do it before we're told to. 

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