I-Car Professionals

Pearson Auto Body is an I-CAR Gold Class Professional business. I-CAR Gold certified technicians have the knowledge and understanding to effectively communicate and work with one another when repairing your vehicle. They know when parts can be repaired or when they need to be replaced. This helps to eliminate surprises when the repair bill comes, and it leads to less hassle for you. 

We are one of the oldest and earliest collision shops to attain this Gold status. It's not just a new deal — we’ve been committed to it for more than a decade. The Gold Certification was originally demanded of us as part of a new concept of direct repair relationships with insurance companies. After this requirement was dropped, we continued to demand it of ourselves and have never let up in this area of training. 

Modern cars have become very complicated, and collision repair experts have taken on the responsibility of making most major repair decisions and writing virtually all of the estimates for repair work. This makes it imperative that we stay completely informed. For the most part, the insurers haven't been able to keep up with the technology, and they look to us to make the proper decisions.

Some I-CAR classes are offered onsite at our Shakopee, MN location, while others are offered at offsite locations or online with a variety of dates and times available.

View I-CAR class schedule and register here.

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