About Pearson Auto Body

Company Overview

At Pearson Auto Body (PAB), our I-Car Gold certified collision repair professionals are equipped with the knowledge gained from years of automotive training and experience, and the dedication that comes from truly caring about quality service and satisfied customers.

Company CEO, Bob Pearson has been serving the South Metro for over 40 years, and many employees at Pearson Auto Body have been working with Bob for 15 years or more. After operating under the title of Precision Auto Collision since 2001, the Pearson Management team took over operation of the Pearson Precision merger in 2005. Over the years, PAB has stayed on the cutting edge of technology as it continues to evolve with a rapidly changing automotive industry. From our state-of-the-art facility in Shakopee, MN, we provide our customers with a full range of dependable, high quality collision repair and paint services at very competitive prices.

We have a clean, pleasant customer lobby, and professionally cleaned separate customer rest rooms. We also have 3 heated well lit estimating bays for you to show our estimators your concerns surrounding the damaged areas.  We are a very systems oriented business and all vehicles arriving for repair are pre-washed and inspected for the collision damage, any prior non related damage, and just wear and tear so that we all know where we’re starting from.



Pearson Auto Body is a Direct Repair Facility for approximately 12 insurance companies. What does direct repair mean?  It means that we have achieved the highest level of trust with the insurers so that we can proceed immediately with repairs to your vehicle just by electronically  sending our estimate and photos of the damage to them.  It also means that the insurers back our lifetime warranty. Our extensive knowledge and experience, and our reputation with insurance professionals will ensure that your damage claim process is smooth, quick, painless and complete. Our highly trained estimators keep accurate information regarding your vehicle damages, and make sure that your insurance company receives all the information they need to handle your claim in a timely manner.

If you're not sure whether you should file a claim or not, PAB can help you determine the proper course to take. We’ll triangulate discussions with your agent to decide the best course of action for handling your situation. There are many delivery channels of insurance purchases, and not everyone has that easily accessible agent. If you do have an agent, these are the times when they really prove their value. They’re worth every nickel.

Common Insurance Phrases

  1. Subrogation: Subrogation is negotiation between insurance adjusters to settle claims between themselves, depending basically on who is mostly at fault. Example: if someone rear-ends you and is obviously at fault but refuses to cooperate by reporting the accident to his insurer, you might use your own insurance, in which your deductible would be your obligation. In this case, the word subrogation would appear. Your company would tell you that they would sugrogate against the other company to get your deductible back to you.
  2. Claimant: This is when you are claiming damages from someone else’s insurance, not your own.  Then you are the claimant.
  3. Insured: This is you, when you use your own insurance policy. You are the insured.
  4. Depreciation: Typically, an insurer will depreciate a well-worn tire if they have to buy you a new one. They are basically charging you for the portion of wear that you owe because you used it.
  5. Betterment: If you have an old rusty exhaust system and you need a new one because of an accident, they have made you better than you were before the accident and want to charge a betterment to you.
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