Education & Training

PAB is always willing to host I-CAR training classes at our facility — for insurance adjusters, agents, other shops and their employees. We believe in lending our facility out for causes that make us all better at what we do. When Farmer’s Insurance is training new damage appraisers, we welcome them to spend as much time as they need bearing witness to the actual processes that contribute to the repaired product. We’re willing to spend one on one time with them and help them acquire the necessary understanding of the collision industry.

Mature drivers are encouraged to sign up for the Drive Alive 55 Course, designed to renew your driving skills for today’s traffic. The course covers age-related physical changes, declining perceptual skills, rules of the road, local driving problems, and license renewal requirements. The Drive Alive 55 course is designed to help you:

• Gain more confidence behind the wheel
• Improve your awareness of traffic hazards
• Update yourself on traffic laws and new technology
• Anticipate the actions of other drivers
• Identify and correct bad driving habits
• Voice your concerns in a friendly, relaxed environment

Even if you haven’t been involved in a collision in 40 years, it may be time to review your driving skills. The Drive Alive 55 Course is designed to help drivers 55 and over to maintain their independence and their driving privileges.

PAB is hosting Drive Alive 55 classes in our conference room for those senior drivers who want to take advantage of an insurance premium discount after completing the 8-hour course. What greater place to learn additional driving skills than at a collision repair facility? It's a great course, created by the Minnesota Highway Safety & Research Center in St. Cloud. To register, call 1-888-234-1294 or visit  

View class schedule and register here!

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