Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to use the shop that the insurance company suggests?

A. No. Minnesota law states specifically that the customer gets to choose their own shop  We look at it this way.  If you have an accident, someone has to make a good decision. Either you should, or the insurer will most likely help you.  If you're certain where you want your vehicle fixed, and have conveyed that desire to the insurer, then legally, the conversation should end there with the insurer accepting your choice.  If you're not sure, the insurer does want you to be happy with your repairs, so they will help you pick from their network of selected repair facilities that is convenient for you. Remember, they do want you to be satisfied, but you have the legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle.

Q. What should I do if I don’t feel safe driving my car after the accident?

A. We don't want anyone driving around in an unsafe vehicle. Neither does your insurance company. Most insurance policies cover the necessary towing of vehicles to avoid additional damage, and to make sure no one is driving around in an unsafe car. Not only could it be unsafe, but vehicles with front end damage can lose critical engine and transmission fluids that really can cause unnecessary damage and you can be stranded in the middle of nowhere.   We use Shakopee Towing @ 952-445-0030, and Southside Towing @ 952-445-8925.  They are both 24-7 fully insured professional businesses.

Q. The insurance company wants me to get three estimates.  Do I have to?

A. No.  Now is that special time to put some thought to who you would like to repair your car.  Most of us have some kind of an idea who we'd use.  If you have an agent, they're very helpful at this time.  They're worth every nickel.  If not, everyone has a friend, co-worker, neighbor, mechanic, agent, dealer, or someone who can help. Going around and collecting everyone’s estimate opinion can be very confusing and non productive.  If you’re not in our neighborhood and need to find a great place to fix your car, just call us and we’ll help you find what you need.  We know who they are.

Q. My car’s wrecked, and I’ve lost my mobility, how an I going to get to work?

A. We have an Enterprise Car Rental facility right in our building.  They’re wonderful to deal with and about as convenient as it can get. Please keep in mind that some claims include a free Rental car.  We’d be happy to discuss this with you. Sometimes the rental expenses will be covered within your own policy, check with your agent to be sure.  If you find out that you don’t have rental reimbursement, ask for an explanation of the cost, as it is pretty cost effective.  We also have free courtesy cars for those of you who can get around in a used car.  It’s one of our hot items always in demand. 

Q. What’s all this talk about aftermarket parts, LKQ parts, reconditioned parts, OEM parts? 

A. In years past, the decision on what parts were used in collision repair wasn’t measured. When the electronic age of estimating took hold, and data could be collected, the insurers found out that new Original Equipment Parts (OEM), were used too often on older cars when (LKQ) parts or Like Kind & Quality would do the job adequately for less.  The promise of your policy most likely refers to the obligation of the insurer to get you back to where you were, or better.  They don’t owe new OEM parts on a 5 year old car. Sometimes an aftermarket part is the best solution. Minnesota law requires customer permission to do so.  This is where it is really critical to have chosen a collision repairer who you really trust that can guide you toward the best solution for you, the customer.  Five year old salvage parts (LKQ) can be rust challenged in Minnesota and a new part from an aftermarket supplier may be the best avenue for you.  It is a decision best  made by the repairers, because we know what fits and what doesn’t. Our concerns run deep. We care.  Because we care, Pearson Auto Body was invited to join a delegation of the 5 Professional Associations representing American Collision Repairers on a two week visit to the Taiwan Parts Manufacturers seeking to help them improve their processes and help them understand the dynamic changes coming in the American collision market. This was in 2003. Reconditioned parts are simply slightly damaged OEM parts that have been repaired and priced for the marketplace at a discount from the original retail price. 

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