HI Pearsons,
This is Kelly Pomgratz calling and I was just talking with Danielle, who did a great job with me, and I just wanted to tell you, and it must have taken you guys a week just to clean my car. It just looks amazing. Thank you so much for spending the extra time on my car. That couldn't have been an easy task, and I'm a very satisfied customer. Thanks for doing a great job. Oh by the way, the dent you repaired looks just great. Thank you very much, and thanks for doing a great job.

Kelly Pomtratz

Dear Jason and All Staff at Pearson Auto Body,

First and Foremost I want to take this opportunity to Thank you personally for the unbelievable Job you did on My Nissan Titan. My Wife and I bought this truck as our Retirement truck so we could go camping we kept our last truck for over 15 years and plan on keeping this one even longer if we can. Unfortunately it ended up at your shop because of a irresponsible drive who did not care.

My Ins agent recommended your shop, i checked the on line reviews and was impressed, I got the quote and it disappointing that i would have to have the whole left side of the box replaced, I have worked auto body for a few years back in my glory days and always hated the idea of breaking a factory seals for i new what would always happen, rust on the seams, never align right blah, blah blah....unbelievably Jason sent me pictures of the truck with the damage actually repaired, NOT REPLACED, that is unheard of now days, I was floored that some one took the time to say, yeah, I can pull that out, no problem....I showed the repairs to my staff and they where just as amazed.. needless to say the final product is just as good  as new if not dare i say better the Nissan itself...So to all of your Staff including the guy that sweeps the floor and puts tools away, GREAT JOB, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. You even detailed the inside of my truck Oh My God......

The Service the staff everything about this experience from when i met you all, was above and beyond what i expected and i will refer you and your company to anyone i know that gets in trouble with their auto body...and a Very, Very Special Thank you to the guy or gal that pulled the damage....You are the best....

Very Sincerely, 

Shane Brownrigg


I had to write to tell you Pearson’s lives the quote on the back of the card!  Apple Ford gets a nod for telling me they thought you did good work.  Little did I know that not only was the work great but the customer experience was top notch.  Some examples:

  1. Arrived for a quote and was on my way in less than 30 minutes with a very reasonable quote.
  2. When Ford muffed getting parts on time, you said not to worry and provided a loaner.  And you even apologized for Ford.
  3. The car was done as promised.
  4. The car was returned cleaner that it was when  we brought it.
  5. The times we were in, people were courteous and friendly.

We have never had an experience like this with a body shop.  We are now thinking about having some other work done.  We have already told friends how good an experience it was and that we would recommend you without any reservations.

Please pass this on to the rest of your organization with our thanks.

Mark Bouman

Dear Bob and staff,
Just wanted to drop you all a quick line to THANK-YOU so very much for the amazing job you did on my Highlander!  The bodywork looks great and whoever suprised me with the interior detail job has my undying gratitude!  Kudos to everyone at Pearson!  You really made our day and this attention to detail and outstanding example of customer service will not be forgotten!  
Hope you all have a great weekend!  Marty will swing by next Tuesday morning with a little something for you guys as a special thanks!  :-)
Take care!  You guys are awesome!

Janine Langemo

Thank You For Your Kindness

Dear Friends, 
We thank you for your generous donation of $100 contributed to Kids Against Hunger. Your support has enabled us to reach and surpass our goals. We have been fortunate to be able to include you in our family of supporters.

6,500,000 meals were packages and shipped around the world in 2007 because of your efforts. We consider your donation a positive response to what we are trying to accomplish and have used this money to feed as many hungry children as possible.

Thank you for your kindness. 

Feeding Children International of Stewart

We Will Recommend You

Thank you again for keeping our truck decals authentic. We will recommend your body repair shop to all of our friends.

David & Dan

Appreciative of the Professionalism

Dear Pearsons, 
I wanted you to know that I have been so appreciative of the professionalism of all of your employees. I have been especially impressed with Danielle, the woman who answers your phone and greets customers. She has been so helpful and pleasant to me when  I have dropped off my car or come in for an estimate. Because of various circumstances (our latest being extensive hail damage), I have had to make numerous trips to Pearsons for work on two of our vehicles. Danielle always remembers my name and is helpful in every aspect of the work I need to have done. I thought you would like to know that once customer thinks Danielle is an exemplary employee.

Jan Parks

Pearson Auto Body was OUTSTANDING

Dear Shani,
Our Toyota Tundra Truck is finished and we were thrilled with the ease of the claims process for this vehicle. Pearson Auto Body was OUTSTANDING!!! Definitely an A+++ autobody shop! They made Liberty Mutual look good and the work they did was above and way beyond expectations!

Michelle & Zack Haller

I Would Give Them an A+

To whom it may concern,
I had an accident with my "beloved" Jaguar and chose Pearson Auto Body to repair my car. They were extremely responsive. They immediately ordered the parts from Jaguar to repair the car, pounded out the driver's door so I could drive the car until the parts came in (one week). When the parts arrived, they came and picked up my car from my garage, did their part, took it to Downtown Jaguar for the part they had to do, and delivered the car back to my garage. It looked like I had bought a brand new car!

Everyone of the staff that I interacted with had a very positive, helpful attitude. I could not be more pleased with my experience. I would give them an A+ in every aspect and would highly recommend them both for a service and a repair perspective.

I felt compelled to tell you about this positive experience as this type of an experience is so rare in the service industry these days!

Judy Ziztloff

Everyone Was Very Helpful

To the awesome workers at Pearson's Auto Body- 
Thanks SO much for fixing our van so well!! You did an excellent job & had it "cleaner then ever". Everyone was very helpful and nice during this "tramatic" time for us (after being rear-ended on the way to our camp out). We appreciate your going above and beyond & would recommend you to others! Thanks again!

The Chapman Family

Dear Bob Pearson,  

On behalf of the Alliance of Automotive Providers (ASSP), I want to sincerely think you for representing AASP in the trip you made to Taiwan to meet with the aftermarket collision parts manufacturers.

We appreciate and acknowledge the significant time commitment this placed on you personally and professionally, and wan to think you for your commitment to improving the automotive service industry.

I would also like to think you for the thoughtful and detailed summary report you provided at the conclusion of the trip.  The report has been distributed to the AASP Board of Delegates and will be discussed at the upcoming AASP National Board Meeting in November in Las Vegas.

Again, thank you for representing AASP and welcome home!


Nick Kostakis

Dear Bob Pearson 

On behalf of the Automotive Management Institute (AMI) and its Board of Trustees, please accept our sincere and lasting thanks for Pearson Auto Body’s generous $10,000 grant.

Please consider this formal acknowledgement and thanks as the threshold of an ongoing between AMI and Pearson Auto Body.  Thanks to your support, and that of many of your colleagues in the automotive repair industry, the institute’s program offers an exceptional educational opportunity for shop owners and managers.

Be assured that every opportunity to promote Pearson Auto Body’s involvement with the Institute will be taken and multiplied in the trade press, within AMI’s publications and ASA membership media.  In addition, we will recognize your contribution at industry shows and exhibits and highlight our relationship in AMI leadership presentations. 

We look forward to working with you as an EXCELL 2000 member to shape the future of management education in the automotive repair and service industry.

Welcome aboard!

Charles D Groves

Dear Bob Pearson  

I meant it when I told you that I would miss you on the AASP MN Board!  Your industry knowledge and insight was always invaluable, but what I will really miss is your quirky sense of humor and fun-loving approach to everything you did.  Hopefully you won’t fade too quickly into the sunset and the industry and association can still benefit from your unique and wide-ranging perspective on various issues.  Keep in touch and thank you again for your many contributions.

Judell Anderson

You & Your Team Did Great Work

Brian & I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the service you gave us. After a BIG accident and not a lot of answers from our insurance company, you & your team were very helpful & and answered all of our questions! You & your team did great work and we are very pleased. Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

Brian & Jamie Meger

Appreciate Your Support

I wanted to send this letter as a thank you and to express my great appreciation for the support you provided to the families of service members over this past holiday season.  The donations made to Minnesotans like you was not only a joy to the children but went even further to touch the hearts of families who have gone through so much this past year.  Les Hanson’s energy and enthusiasm were amazing to watch and experience and I don’t thank you enough for supporting and reinforcing that holiday spirit again this year.  Please know that you touched the lives of several families this Christmas.  Again, Thank you.

Major D. A. Ahrens

I will not hesitate recommending your shop to anyone needing body repair work.

Dear Jim:

It has taken me some time to get this letter off to you.  I want to express my satisfaction of the work that was done in your shop as being excellent.

I will not hesitate recommending your shop to anyone needing body repair work.

But, the one thing I found that impressed me the most, was the courtesy your people demonstrated to me, as a woman.  I had the feeling that they were interested in me as a person needing work done, in spite of my gender.  Mr Rob Mahowald was very courteous in submitting the bid.  The gentleman that prepared the rental for me, (Jim), was very explicit in explaining the operating procedures of the rental car.

Each car has its own features.  As how to get the gas cap off, and as I found upon entering my garage, I found I had to shut the lights off.  How spoiled we get with all these new fangled items.  Then the day I picked my car up, the young man I paid said, is that your car out there?  I will go out and start it so it warms up for you, while I take care of your payment.  All these gestures are very nice and give a person the feeling that this is a place where you will want to come to get a job done.

In spite of the long time it took me to write this, I hope you can see that I was very impressed with the service extended me by your people.  Keep up the great Customer Service you have in place at Pearson Auto Body.

Ardis L. Moen

Hi Bob,

My name is Dorothy Clarkmiles and I had an accident 2 weeks ago and I was so pleased with how Danielle and Brandon made me feel when i came into Pearson Auto Body.  I just needed to call in and talk to you personally.  I've had the same policy for 22 years and never had an accident, and being so stressed, Danielle gave me a car to drive right away, and I just needed to let you know in person.  from the minute I walked in there, everyone was so polite, especially Danielle and Brandon, and they made me really feel good about being at Pearson's.  at half my age, Brandon was the true voice of reason as he visited with me about the damage to my car, and he called me 3 times during the repair to make sure I knew how you were progressing, and I really want you to give Brandon a tap on the shoulder as he made this the best experience I could have hoped for.  I want to give him an award.  i'm just so happy, that I will be willing to tell anyone I know to go to Pearson Auto Body.   Pleaseeeeeeeeeee tell Brandon how pleased I am with my car. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dorothy Clarkmiles

Dear Bob,

I hope your day is going good!

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for helping out my mother-in-law, Delores Spallacci. She was very happy to have her window fixed and her bumper trim repaired.

Generous and thoughtful people like you help make this world a better place.  We need more people like you! Besides helping Dolores, you've always been a great person to work with when you help out my clients who've crashed their cars.

Thanks for all that you do, Bob!


Marty Langemo

Your American Family Agent

The geography on this story starts with Marty delivering the bumper trim from Bloomington to me in Shakopee, and me delivering it back to Marty in Bloomington from Shakopee.  The window was delivered by AAA Salvage in Rosemount to Cottage Grove Collision and delivered by us to City Auto Glass in Inver Grove Heights, and subsequently installed as a mobile service in Delores's car in New Brighton where she lives.

Bob Pearson

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for your kindness in repairing my car!  Marty Langemo is my son-in-law.  I am very grateful for help these days since i am no longer able to work due to illness.

God Bless You!

Dolores Spallacci

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