Windshield and Glass Replacement

You can rely on Pearson Auto Body professionals to handle your auto glass repair or replacement needs at our facility in Shakopee.  Did you know that there are more than a dozen companies that manufacture replacement glass for automobiles and that they are all priced the same?  The glass is not all the same so please be alert and take advantage of our expertise to guide you with this decision. The cheapest price may not be the value that you’re entitled to. During the cold Minnesota winters and on rainy windy days, we let glass vendors use our facility for the proper installation and curing of this critical operation. The car should not be moved until the curing is complete.  Today’s windshields are designed as part of the vehicle’s passenger rollover safety strategy, and should be professionally treated as the safety device it was intended to be.    

To schedule an appointment or request an estimate, please call us at 952-445-8000.

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