App for Collision Damage


Dear Bob Pearson,

I meant it when I told you that I would miss you on the AASP MN Board! Your industry knowledge and insight was always invaluable, but what I will really miss is your quirky sense of humor and fun-loving approach to everything you did. Hopefully you won’t fade too quickly into the sunset, and the industry and association can still benefit from your unique and wide-ranging perspective on various issues. Keep in touch and thank you again for your many contributions.
– Judell Anderson

Brian and I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the service you gave us. After a BIG accident and not a lot of answers from our insurance company, you and your team were very helpful and answered all of our questions! You and your team did great work, and we are very pleased. Thank you again for EVERYTHING!
– Brian & Jamie Meger
I wanted to send this letter as a thank you and to express my great appreciation for the support you provided to the families of service members over this past holiday season. The donations made by Minnesotans like you were not only a joy to the children but went even further to touch the hearts of families who have gone through so much this past year. Les Hanson’s energy and enthusiasm was amazing to watch and experience, and I can’t thank you enough for supporting and reinforcing that holiday spirit again this year. Please know that you touched the lives of several families this Christmas. Again, thank you.
– Major D. A. Ahrens
Dear Jim:

It has taken me some time to get this letter off to you. I want to express my satisfaction of the work that was done in your shop as being excellent. I will not hesitate recommending your shop to anyone needing body repair work. But, the one thing I found that impressed me the most was the courtesy your people demonstrated to me, as a woman. I had the feeling that they were interested in me as a person needing work done, in spite of my gender. Mr. Rob Mahowald was very courteous in submitting the bid. The gentleman (Jim) that prepared the rental for me was very explicit in explaining the operating procedures of the rental car. Each car has its own features. As how to get the gas cap off, and as I found upon entering my garage, I found I had to shut the lights off. How spoiled we get with all these newfangled items. Then the day I picked my car up, the young man I paid said, “Is that your car out there? I will go out and start it so it warms up for you, while I take care of your payment.” All these gestures are very nice and give a person the feeling that this is a place where you will want to come to get a job done. In spite of the long time it took me to write this, I hope you can see that I was very impressed with the service extended me by your people. Keep up the great customer service you have in place at Pearson Auto Body.
– Ardis L. Moen